There may still be one last Democratic primary but it’s little more than an encore after last night’s final ‘Super Tuesday’. Supporters still feeling the Bern were hoping for some sort of voting miracle in order to overturn Hilary’s comfortable cushion of superdelegates but as you’ll soon see, it was less of a miracle and more of a sermon on accepting reality.

Six states went to the polls over the course of Tuesday with the biggest prize being the 475 delegates available in California. Across the other five states (The Dakotas, Montana, New Jersey and New Mexico), Hilary was carrying predicted leads in every where apart from Montana, which projected a narrow Bernie victory, and the Dakotas, which were too close to call. Opinion was divided over with California, with the polls shifting back and forth.

However, as precincts from Trenton to Santa Barbara began to declare, it was clear that there was only going to be one winner. Despite being close in the polls, California (as of writing, 6% of precincts are yet to declare) swung for the former first lady and she carries the state with a 12.9% lead and 257 delegates to Bernie’s 188. Things were unsurprisingly worse for Bernie in New Jersey, where Hilary beat him by 26.6%. The rest of the night’s results were closer- Hilary won New Mexico by 3% while Bernie took North Dakota and Montana. South Dakota proved to be the closest battleground of the night with Hilary taking the state by 2% but the 20 delegates being split 50-50. Overall, the night was just what Hilary needed- a way to cement her already comfortable lead.

But what does this mean for the Democrat’s race? Well nothing can be confirmed until the Philadelphia convention in July but at this point, it seems like game, set and match. Bernie’s only hope lies with the superdelegates but unfortunately for the Vermont senator, they are either already backing Hilary or unlikely to back a candidate who is trailing so badly. However, Hilary must now think long and hard about to deal with her party’s sizeable split- while 55% of Bernie supporters have said they would vote for Hilary at the general election, 15% have also said that they would go across the aisle and support Trump. If Hilary doesn’t find a way to appease Bernie’s supporters, she may have lost this race.

Over on the Republican front, Trump continues to use the remainder of the primary season to try to convince the Republicans for back him. While he has made headway, with party higher-ups such as Paul Ryan now backing him, but his largest problem is how he has no coherent campaign- even now he is the presumptive nominee, it is still all vague promises, general policy ideas and superlatives.

So buckle up kids, once the conventions are over, the whole process starts again and it won’t be pretty. From Trump you can expect sexism, intern jokes, property development jokes and general jackassery. Meanwhile, Hilary is going to hammer home Trump’s lack of experience and his general jackassery, all the while fighting to keep her party unified.

I have a feeling 2016 will be an election to remember.


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