Now that he is the presumptive Republican nominee and Bernie is continuing to keep Hilary busy, Donald Trump has just under a month of free campaign time. When he visits states between now and June 7th, the last day of primaries, he doesn’t have to waste telling people why he’s better than Ted Cruz or John Kasich, he can simply tell people why he should be the next President of the United States. Now there’s been a lot of speculation about what a Trump presidency would look like- carpet ban on Muslims entering the United States? A huge wall running across the Mexican border? People freely carrying everything from a Derringer to a .50 sniper rifle? Well, in all likelihood, a Trump presidency would actually be pretty boring. Why? I’m glad you asked.

Firstly, it’s no secret that the House Republicans, aka the people who get stuff done, do not like Trump. While the House, if controlled by the President’s party, will almost always ensure to pass President-friendly legislation but the Representatives and Senators have no outstanding loyalty to Trump- for all intents and purpose he is an ordinary registered Republican  running for President. This dislike and lack of loyalty could hamper Trump’s ambition plans if he ever does reach the oval office. Even worse, this year is a Congressional election year and a Democrat controlled house could spell doom for Trump if the Democrats, say, decided to block every piece of Trump and Republican legislation, just like they did with Obama.

On a similar note, Trump doesn’t seem to be aware that things don’t just magically appear. His wall, his Muslim ban, his second amendment freedoms all would have to survive Congressional votes. Let’s take the border wall as an example- 59% of Americans oppose the wall. That is not a number you want looming over you when you are running for office again. The Congressional battles are already starting with Republicans in swing districts meeting with Merrick Garland earlier this year in an attempt to hold onto their seats. And even if his projects get passed, estimates for his bold plan to mass evict every illegal immigrant sit at the $114bn and 20 years (or 5 Presidential terms to complete) mark while his “huge wall” that would separate Mexico and the United States would cost $4bn-$24bn and would have to involve taking down the intricately woven border fence that is currently there. But remember, Trump also wants to do this while apparently cutting trade with everyone apart from really poor countries that could be easily dominated by the United States. In essence, Trump kind of wants to bankrupt America in order to help fund his little pet projects.

Thirdly, Trump would not be Trump in office. On the campaign trail, we’ve been seeing the crass, loudmouth who told a contestant on his reality show that the mental image of her on her knees was a “pretty picture” and spends his rallies making fun of his opponents. Trump rallies look like terrible standup nights where the patrons show their appreciation by rioting. However, that isn’t the Trump we’d see in office- sure he’d been a ‘tough’ President but who respects a President who goes round calling women fat pigs? Trump would most certainly clean up his image before setting foot in the Oval Office because image is one of the few things he genuinely cares about.

Overall, I don’t think there would be anything wrong with a Trump Presidency, I just think there wouldn’t be anything right with one either. Trump is a cruel, bitter man unsuited for leading a country and electing him President would just cause the nation to become stagnant and weak.

What do you think a Trump Presidency would entail? Let me know in the comments below!


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