This is my 100th blog as theeclecticparadise. Thank you to everyone who reads my work, leaves comments and helps raise the awareness of the things I discuss. I hope to keep writing for a long time to come and I have some exciting ideas for the future. So without further or do, here is blog number 100.

There’s a lot of bad news you in circulation at the moment- terrorism, political scandal, the slow destruction of planet Earth. However, for my 100th blog I want to bring a little sunshine into my reader’s lives and so I have found some humorous, heart-warming and happy news stories from the last week that you may have missed.

  1. Arkansas State Troopers throw a little boy a birthday party(April 11th): One of the worst things that can happen to a kid is when no-one shows up to your birthday. Unfortunately, this is what happened to ten year old Toxey Andrews. However, after his mother posted about her frustration on Facebook, something unusual happened. A few days after his birthday, Toxey answered the doorbell found to find a group of Arkansas State Troopers waiting with a cookie cake and presents. No-one is entirely sure how the state troopers found out about the situation but their altruism for a little boy just makes you smile.
  2. Pilot delays flight so couple could say emotional goodbye(April 12th): While international air travel has made moving across the globe so much easier, there is no remedy for the difficulties of being away from your loved ones. As their plane at Manchester airport was taxiing, bound for Australia via Abu Dhabi, a couple noticed they had a missed call from their son in law. It turned out that their sick grandson had been rushed to intensive care and wasn’t expected to last much longer. After relaying this to the crew, the pilot was informed and made the decision to return to the boarding gate. Sources confirm that their grandson died the following the day. The pilot had no obligation to return to the gate, he could have very well said ‘tough titties’ and taken off. However, this really does show you that there is good in the world.
  3. Alumni raise $178,000 for retiring high school security guard(April 11th): Hockaday School is an elite all-girls boarding school in Dallas, Texas. While it doesn’t sound like the start of a heart-warming news story, bear with me. Kifleab Tekle had worked security at the school for 3o years and when he announced his retirement, the class of ’05 set up a Go Fund Me to raise a small gift of $2oo5 (get it, because that was the year they graduated) to give to the security guard. However, the funding campaign soon went viral within in the school community and quickly raised $178,000. The organisers of the campaign plan to give the money over in a special ceremony in which students will share their memories of Tekle.
  4. Man gives up on robbery, says he was kidding(April 4th): Regular readers know my views on pranking and internet pranksters. However, I’ve never answered the question ‘what would a real life prank experience be like?’ Well a man in Bismark, North Dakota answered that question for me when he backed out of a robbery at a gas station, claiming that the was just kidding. According to the clerk on duty, the man came in and told him to empty the register and reached for a weapon. However, when the clerk told him that he was going to call the police, the man said he was kidding, used the bathroom and left. We have no idea what this was but as I have said in my pranking blogs, telling someone you are going to commit a crime OR initiating what looks like a crime is not funny. People who are doing their job and have most likely been trained in what to do during a robbery will most likely just call the police and you will be at least detained. That said, the would-be robber’s reaction of sheepishly using the bathroom and leaving got a chuckle from me.

Do you have any stories you would like to share? Let me know or comment below!



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