Donald Trump only needs 42% of the remaining available delegates to win the Republican nomination. In comparison, Ted Cruz needs 77%. Trump vs. Clinton/Sanders is beginning to look like a terrifying reality. 

Now you may be thinking “Oh but Trump will NEVER win the general election. We will NEVER have to live under President Trump.” but the thing is, American elections are weird- the tiniest thing can shift the public away from one party. And so, today, I would like to some reasons why President Trump would make for a terrifying administration.

  1. President Trump would create anti-libel laws

In the United States, an individual can only win a defamation suit against a media outlet if they can prove that the outlet published information with actual malice and with prior knowledge that the information was not wholly accurate. So, I am free to talk about how Trump would willing sleep with his daughter because there is evidence I could present to support that.

However, as we know, Trump does not like being criticized and so at a rally in Texas towards the end of February, he said that he would “open up” libel laws in order to make it easier for individuals, such as saaaay Donald J Trump, to sue and win for defamation.

Libel laws, which are not actually part of federal law and therefore immune for Congressional reform, protect the press’ first amendment rights. They are not there to make individuals look bad without any repercussion for the outlet that published the information, they are there to allow media outlets to criticize and highlight negative things about individuals in a free and safe manner.

So yeah, vote Trump and you’ll get free censorship with every state won.

  1. Trump doesn’t condemn white supremacy…when it backs him

In early 2000, Trump gave an interview about the upcoming election and when asked about the Reform Party, he mentioned that David Duke, former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, had recently joined the party and stated that “it’s not the sort of person you want in your party”. He proceeded to call Duke a bigot and several other disparaging names. So good job Trump, yeah?

Jump forwards to 2015 when David Duke, still former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, tells his supporters to support Trump. In an interview, Trump is asked whether he condemns this endorsement. In a pause laden response, Trump questions why he is being asked this- he claims not to know who David Duke is and states that he doesn’t believe he has ever met him. He goes on to state that he doesn’t even know what the interviewer means by ‘white supremacy and white supremacists’.

It seems like Trump has got politics fever- this endorsement is bad news but it is also an endorsement. It would have done Trump a lot of good to have rejected the white supremacist vote, it’s not like it’s something all of the candidates are clamouring for. However, instead, we are left to question whether Trump has a good enough grasp on America’s social history to be president and what his passive condoning of white supremacy in 2015 actually means.

  1. Trump’s policies would destroy America

At this stage in the race, it is odd that Trump’s manifesto is still mainly soundbites and superlatives. However, we do know of the following:

-Repeal Obamacare, limit healthcare to within-state only, make healthcare insurance premiums tax-deducible, and remove some restrictions on introducing new drugs [Healthcare]

-Accuse China of currency manipulation, accuse China of violating intellectual property laws, bring jobs back to the US by calling China out on its labour laws, lowing corporation tax, bolstering US military presence in the East and South China Seas [US-Chinese relations]

-Make it easier for veterans to access VA resources, go beyond basic physical care of veterans, and reform the Department of Veteran Affairs [Veterans]

-Tax breaks for the middle class, streamline the tax code, flat rate corporation tax [Taxes]

-Remove bans on guns and magazines, fix the background check system, introduce a national right to carry a concealed weapon, lift the ban on carrying weapons in military bases and military recruiting centres [Second Amendment]

-Border wall with Mexico, more immigration officers, deport any illegal immigrant who is arrested, defund any city that refuses to comply with federal immigration law, end birthright citizenship, law requiring companies to prioritize the hiring of Americans [Immigration]

So that’s a lot of information, let’s break it down:

Healthcare: Firstly, Obamacare is not a bad thing. The program allows for subsidized healthcare that is easy to purchase. It allows provides additional healthcare support to senior citizens and those with long-term disabilities. For example, 6 out of 10 Americans without health insurance could get medical coverage through Obamacare for $100 or less in 2014. This is not a system that needs fixing right now. Also, while making premiums deducible is a good idea, making it so you cannot have a national medical insurance is insane. If I move from Guildhall, Vermont to Northumberland, New Hampshire during a Trump presidency, I have moved less than 20 minutes away and yet my existing medical insurance is invalid because I moved states. And finally, when has LESS regulation for the pharmaceutical industry ever sounded like a good idea? Except, you know, if you work in the pharmaceutical industry.

China: Sure, giving America something akin to self-sufficiency would be great. Sure, providing more jobs for Americans would be fantastic but here are two issues- America imported $1,732,179,100 worth of goods from China in the last four years. Completely shutting China out or severely reducing the amount of Chinese import would severely affect the United States economy. Secondly, when has attacking China ever seemed like a good idea? They are already on edge with North Korea acting out like a spoilt child and increasing international pressure concerning their actions in the South China Sea, if America continues to push China into the corner, China will happily fight its way back out again. While I agree that trade reforms do need to take place, essentially yelling: “OI! WE THINK YOU’RE CRAP. GIVE US BETTER TRADE DEALS” will not do anything.

Veterans: That actually sounds pretty good.

Taxes: Ah yes, because when corporations are already finding loopholes in the tax law and paying next to nothing, what we really need is to just give them a legal reason not to part with their money. It might be because Trump is the head of a $3.5 billion company. Hmm….

Guns: There a federal and state bans on certain weapons and magazines for a reason. The civilian population shouldn’t have more sophisticated technology or better firearms than the actual army. What do I need armour piercing rounds for? What does Joe America from Texas need slugs that can punch through the side of a tank for? The bans are there to protect the civilian population from dangerous technology and because the civilian population has no need for the sort of things that are banned. Someone is killed in a school shooting every 82 days, Donald Trump seems to want make that more frequent.

Immigration: Mexico isn’t going to pay for your yuge wall, Trump and there is no way you can force them to pay for it. Furthermore, birthright citizenship would be much better if it was changed rather than removed. You have Canadian citizens who don’t even realise they are classed as dual national because they were born in a hospital on the US-Canadian border. Let’s not get rid of the law, let’s perhaps adjust it. In addition, you aren’t going to pass a law that allows you to defund cities for not complying with immigration regulations- if I am the representative for a district with a large number of immigrants, I’m not going to touch any legislation that would be unpopular with them because then they might not re-elect me if I do touch said legislation.

Also notice how Trump has no published manifesto on foreign policy, education, welfare. All he’s focused on is promises and buzz words.

So here’s my plea- Trump is not good for America. I don’t care if you vote red or blue; Feel the Bern or Trust Ted. Can we all agree that electing Donald Trump to the highest office in the country is a bad thing to do?

If you’re primary is yet to come, do two things- 1) vote if you are able to do so and 2) Make sure to keep Trump away from the presidency.



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