For the final time:

Willow- Dog sledder/Mage

Eric- Mechanic/Vampire

Geoff- Conman/ Mage

Mike- Academic

Vic- Fighter

Tabitha- Medic


The final session opened in an imposing obsidian and marble courtroom. Across a wide fighting ring stood two pairs- Willow and Vic, champions of the plaintiffs in the case against Geoff, facing Zara and Geoff, champions of the defendant. A trial by combat had been declared, a fight to the death.

The player rolled imitative to determine combat order and ended up with Geoff-Vic-Zara-Willow. The fight opened with Geoff trying to teleport a dagger into the back of Vic’s head, while he succeeded to throw the dagger and successfully teleport it by Vic, his throw was weak, meaning that Vic took minimal. In retaliation, Vic, who had been magically made bigger by Willow prior to the fight, charged and ran Geoff through with a spear. However, as Vic backed off, readying for another attack, Zara threw a dagger at him and caused him some damage, as well as poisoning him, meaning that he would take damage every time the combat order created Zara again. Willow had decided that she didn’t want to kill Geoff if she didn’t have to, so she decided to magically sever every nerve below his neck, immobilizing him. She succeeded and Geoff toppled over, unable to move…or breathe…or actually circulate blood around his body and so began taking a point of the highest damage in the system every time the combat order reached Willow. Geoff failed to turn the floor to beneath Vic’s feet and Vic chose to stab the prone, paralyzed Geoff. Meanwhile, Zara successfully stabbed Willow, also poisoning her. Willow identified that she had been poisoned and attempted to heal herself, but failed.

Geoff then stepped up his game, turning Vic’s clothes to lead in an attempt to stop him, Vic used his immense strength to simply break free of the garments, only to witness Willow get stabbed again by Zara. Willow, nearing unconsciousness, attempted to heal herself and once again failed. Geoff then turned Vic’s spear to sand, hoping to keep him at bay as he neared death. Vic took a poisoned dagger, the one that had been thrown at him, and stabbed Geoff in the head with it.

Then the fight took a turn for the worse as within a single combat round, Willow and Geoff fall unconscious. However, both of them power through and somehow remain conscious, continuing the fight. Willow manages to heal herself as Vic goes unconscious, also managing to power through somehow.

The fight ends when Geoff dies, primarily due to all the turn based damage he has been receiving and his co-champion, an Amenti called Zara, tricks Willow and Vic into yielding, not for Geoff’s sake, but so that Zara can maintain her record in combat trials.

The living player characters are then transported to their home and speak with the Herald and the Hierarch of the Concilium before being left to their own devices…


Willow decided to settle down in Hawaii with her partner, Lance. She attended the University of Hawaii and achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Folklore, with a minor in English. She continued to subtly refine her mage skills as well as helping Lance establish his business, a sports training centre for underprivileged children. Willow and Lance are currently planning their wedding.

Eric continued to live as a solitary vampire, not wanting to go anywhere near his sire or kindred. Eventually, he found a support group for vampires like himself, turned against their will with no interest in joining mainstream vampire society. Eric earned a number of automotive repair certificates through a night school program and went on to set up a modest 24 hour garage in Honolulu, working the nights and ‘doing admin’ during the day.

Mike joined the hunters he had been approached by before Geoff’s episode at the court house. He stayed with the Aegis Kai Doru cell in Honolulu for several years before going freelance and travelling the world, searching for other magical and supernatural artefacts. While he documented them all, some he would send back to his old hunter Conspiracy.

Vic left Hawaii, never to return. He was weary following his exposure to the supernatural world and had decided that he wanted no part of it. He took to travel the world, see its sights and learning its stories. However, if something supernatural appeared to be occurring in his new corner of the world, he would pack him his meagre belongings and move on.

Tabitha also joined the Aegis Kai Doru cell in Honolulu. However, she stayed on after Mike’s departure, eventually becoming the leader of the cell. She was a capable and well-respected leader, seeing over four ‘generations’ of hunters.  After another few years, Tabitha moved back to Alaska and established a Aegis Kai Doru in the tundra, ensuring that her home land was kept safe from anything that wished to do it harm.

Geoff was declared dead by the State of Hawaii and his case file closed after his body was found in the Diamond Head State Monument Park. It was ruled that he killed himself after his dramatic (and well-funded) escape at the court house. Back in Alaska, the Nunamiut buried their fallen child, his personal possessions being buried for use in the afterlife. However, the community also hoped that when he was reborn as an infant, his soul would be purer than the one that had passed on in Hawaii.


And that was the Great Journey. Thank you very much for following this series. I will be running more roleplaying games in the future and I may also document them! I hope you have enjoyed The Great Journey and if you have any questions, I will happily answer them.



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