Let’s all admit it; we sometimes like to play God. And what better way to do this than by an immersive character creator in a video game? Well, today I’m looking at those notable character creators in video games, whether they are notable for better or worse…

  1. For better…Dragon Age: Inquisition

Bioware’s latest foray into the universe they created for Dragon Age included their most in-depth character creator for the franchise. As well as four playable races and a non-permanent class system, the character creation allowed players to edit most of the features of their Inquisitor. On top of the staple sliders for cheek gauntness, eye width, jowliness etc., Inquisition provides players with options for broken noses, scars and two eye colour sliders, allowing you to blend two colours to get that perfect eye colour, whether that be a fierce amber, a mysterious murky green or that weird shade of blue that anyone who has ever drawn Jesus will give the Son of God. Through DA:I’s character creation as well as save integration for the previous games, players are able to create a personal saviour for Thedas. The only downside is that there are preassigned body types for all races and only four voice options per race. Still, a near negligible price to pay for such a beautiful character creator. Plus, the only thing is done in neutral light so that your character doesn’t look like a hideous monster during gameplay…unless that was your intention.

  1. For better…Saints Row IV

The Saints Row series has always been about insanity and excess. This is how you go from being the simple leader of a gang in Saints Row the Third to the goddamn President of the United States in Saints Row IV and the leader of the free world needs an executive character creator, right? Much like the rest of the game, Saints Row‘s are all about the extremes, allowing you to create towering monstrosities like big Bill Taft or jowly goblins like Tricky Dick. But why stop there? There are 55 skin colours to choose from, ranging from your standard set to gold and vivid purple. The next big highlight is at the choices for voices. There are 7 to choose from- 3 male (American, African-American and British), 3 female (American, French and Southern) and then Nolan North because why not! All of this combined allows you to create dashing Kennedy-esque Commander in Chiefs or just that abomination that everyone was too scared NOT to vote for.

DSC_0003.JPG                     DSC_0006

  1. For better…Fallout 4

During the tour of your lovely 1950s home at the start of Fallout 4, you stop by the bathroom and this is where the game allows you to create the proud parents of little baby MacGuffin…I mean Shaun. Not only can you focus on specific parts of the face by clicking the area in question, this begins up sliders within sections and all the changes occur in real-time, meaning that you can choose the exact point on a slider while creating both the mother and the father. The advantage of this is that you can concurrently make a male and female character before choosing which one to take on the adventure of a (prolonged) lifetime. The hairstyles and features are appropriately 1950s, giving you an enhanced feeling of fish out of water when you finally reach the apocalypse portion of the game.

  1. For worse…NBA 2k15

The makers of basketball game NBA 2k15 wanted something that would set them apart from the crowd of other sports games. Their novel idea was to use the camera function of certain games consoles, such as the Kinect for Xbox, to create a likeness of the player for the character customization. However, this technology was unreliable at best and the image could be warped if the room you were playing in was not bright enough, or too bright, or if you were clothes, or moved, or breathed, or were just unlucky. If you were lucky, it made you Mr Generic or made you a completely different race to the one you actually are. However, if you were unlucky…


Might want to chance it with the more vanilla sliders for this one.

2016-03-14 (2).png
Please don’t hurt me.

So, those are four notable character creators. Do you have any stand-out character creators? Any character creation horror stories?



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