For the penultimate time, our cast:

Willow- Dog-sledder/Mage

Eric- Mechanic/Vampire

Geoff- Professional/Mage

Mike- Academic/Hunter recruit

Vic- Fighter

Tabitha- Medic/Hunter recruit

Before the session

If you have been following this series, you will know that things came to a head at the end of last week’s session, with Willow and Geoff squaring off. After Geoff’s electric bed prank went horribly wrong, nearly killing Vic. After a powerful display of magic from Willow, the herald, sentinel, Moros councillor and Thyrsus councillor arrived to see just what the hell was going on. Geoff was taken away by the Moros councillor and both were warned by the herald that bad things would come their way if they didn’t change their outlook.

Geoff was taken to the basement of his councillor’s home and promptly screamed at for about an hour. At the end of her tirade, Ella, Geoff’s representative, told him that the council wanted blood and that he could either leave the concilium forever or carry out a task to prove this worth to the council. He chose to complete a task and so, he was sent to carry out a series of murders at home in Honolulu, being told that it was a hunter cell that needed eliminating.

Things started off well, Geoff broke into the house undetected and began a methodical sweep. However, when he made a noise on the stairs and fled to the downstairs study when someone came to investigate. Now, one of my big things as a GM is that I give details and so in Geoff’s prep stage for this task; I deliberately gave him a suppressor for the pistol. When Geoff took a pot-shot at the man who came through the study door, he was firing his large calibre pistol without a suppressor. Geoff missed and the man balked, leaving the room. Geoff followed, taking the terrified child he encountered as a hostage.

Finding the man in the living room, a tense standoff began with Geoff seemingly in control, especially after he turned the gun of the person who snuck up behind him to rubber. However, it was one roll that ruined Geoff’s plan as, after moving further into the room, he completely failed a perception check and was tackled by the mother of the child he had taken hostage. A struggle ensued and the whole thing was capped off by Geoff blowing the house up after some transmutation magic.

After waking up in hospital, Geoff tried a grand escape and failed, finally submitting and allowing himself to be arrested.

The session

Part One- Clouds begin to form

After a few hours in a cell, Geoff is taken to an interview and asked to recount what happened. This doesn’t go well as he (rightly) tries to implicate a respected psychiatrist as the person who told him to commit the murders (it is at this point that Geoff is informed that his explosion killed the man, woman and child in the room with him). It also transpires that the gun he was carrying allegedly belongs to the Governor of Hawaii. After recounting his story and seeing his freedom slip away pretty quickly, he asks for consul. His public defender tells him to aim for a plea bargain, although he is unsure what he will really be able to do. Geoff is taken away and about an hour later, is informed that his plea bargain has been relatively unsuccessful and while a plea of guilty will be entered, he will still have to face a jury who will decide whether he should get life without parole or the death penalty. All that has been taken off the table is a deeper federal investigation and possible detainment at a facility such as Guantanamo. Geoff accepts this deal and his once again put in a cell to wait for his sentencing trial.

Part Two- Before the storm

Meanwhile, the rest of the party are having drama of their own. Mike and Tabitha are sent mysterious handwritten notes and later receive text messages, asking them to meet this secret contact at the high school where Mike suspected something about magical steroids being used on the football team. They ended up meeting with a hunter who praised them for their sharp investigative wit and asked if they wanted to join his hunter cell as he had recently lost two people to a coven. They told him that they would think about it, especially after all their inter-group drama was resolved.

Vic was also in the grips of some drama, as he had finally contacted the succubus that had drained his life energy and asked to meet with her. Over a tense dinner, Vic probed until her cryptic answers hit the wrong button and he demanded to know what she was. In turned out in fact Aloha was not a succubus but in fact, was an incubus who had shapeshifted into a female form in order to avoid capture by a group of zealous hunters. Evidently traumatised, Vic broke their blossoming relationship off and went to go re-evaluate his life.

And weaving around all of this was Eric, who was nearing full vampire. After downing two essentially raw steaks, he disappeared into the night to hunt and feed in the nearby forested areas. His sudden disappearance sparked concern into Mike, who took Tabitha and the hunter they had met earlier to track him down. After some rather abrasive tactics, Eric was forced to reveal himself from his perfect hiding spot and confront the trio that was looking for him. The hunter assured them all that he had no interest in hunting Eric, as long as Eric did not pose a threat to innocent people.

Part three- The storm

A week later and it was time for Geoff to sit in on his sentencing trial. He was planning to escape and enacted his grand plan as he was being loaded off the police van. First, he turned the uniforms of his escorting officers to lead, immobilizing them. Then he blasted a whole in the side of the van, looking for a way to escape. After seeing reinforcements coming his way, he straight up murdered three police officers by turning the ground beneath them to lava. To cover his escape, he changed some of the broken road into magnesium, causing a dense white smoke screen.

It was time for Vic to stand up and be a goddamn hero. Having come to courthouse to see the trial, he charged forwards and told Geoff to stop, that he had gone far enough. Geoff ignored this and set off running, heading for the beach for some reason. Vic, now accompanied by five members of the Guardians of the Vale (badass, brutal mages) and the Sentinel, set off in pursuit and eventually caught up with Geoff. No time was wasted in incapacitating him and the next thing that everyone in the party knew, they were sat in a majestic, if imposing courtroom.

Next Week: Law & Order- Mage edition.



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