Our cast:

Willow- Dog-sledder/Mage

Eric- Mechanic/Newly sired vampire

Vic- Fighter/Affected by a succubus

Mike- Academic/???

Tabitha- Medic/???

Geoff- Trouble-maker/Mage

Between Sessions

Between sessions 7 and 8, I did a little work with the players in order to streamline some of the plot. Primarily this focused around Geoff and the mysterious figure that appeared in his hospital room. The old man in the nice suit turned out to the Herald of Honolulu, a high ranking official in mage society and was there to introduce Geoff the world of mages. He was taken from his hospital room to the home of Ella Harmaajarvi, the representative of Geoff’s mage path- Moros. After a brief introduction to the mage world, Ella coached Geoff in a little basic magic before allowing him to rest. After a day or so of rest, Ella took him to a Moros majority cabal, a group of cohabiting mages.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party was informed that Geoff had managed to escape custody and they were told to call it in if he came home.

The Session

Session 8 was very much a bottle episode, with about 90% of the action taking place in the characters’ home. The session opened four days after Geoff’s ‘escape’ with Geoff arriving back home with his new friend and cabal-mate Madison. While most of the players engaged him in light conversation, Tabitha slipped away and informed the police that Geoff was in the house. After a while, Geoff grew bored of just talking and went to see how Eric was doing. As Eric’s player was absent this session, Eric was simply just curled in bed, slowly turning into a vampire… I mean, recovering from that traumatic event with the guy who totally wasn’t a vampire.

The police arrived and gave themselves away as they tried to creep up the stairs and Geoff, being carried by Madison, fled to the bathroom, where he tried to use his magic to cause the door to simply become a wall. This failed and he was arrested. At the police station, Geoff told his public defender a garbled pseudo-truth and agreed to plead guilty but then opened up and told the police detective a more elaborate version of events, confusing everyone in the room. For some reason, Geoff also decided to mention magic portals. Everyone left and the familiar face of Ella entered. She, in her day job of psychiatrist, applied some psychometric tests and declared Geoff not to be crazy. With this information in hand, the police (using the magical TV justice) handed down a two-year suspended jail sentence and gave Geoff thirty days to put his Hawaiian affairs in order, after which time, he would have to leave the state of Hawaii for two years.

Upon arriving home, he rails the rest of the players about loyalty and then begins to open up about his magic, demonstrating it by turning Vic’s nesting tables into a nesting table within a table made of gelatine. Vic had constructed these tables as a way of coping with the fact that the girl he liked was in fact a life-draining sex demon and so he was understandably upset with his pride and joy being turned into a mass of gelatine. Geoff tried to rectify this by turning the gelatine into a lump of wood. This failed in a big way and sure, the gelatine did turn into a lump of decaying wood before exploding into splinters and maggots.

The Herald turned up during the clean-up operation for this and asked if Willow would like to come with him and meet her path councillor, as Geoff had identified her as a fellow mage. Willow agreed and went off to meet Alisha, the maternal councillor for the Thyrsus. They enjoy a lovely evening as Alisha explains the intricacies of the mage world and just makes Willow feel very much at home. Meanwhile, Vic and Mike are creating wards against magic to stop magical beings just popping into their house whenever they feel to great success.

Poop very much hits the fan

Willow returns from her evening with Alisha, content and a feeling a little better about magic and crawls into bed. However, Geoff has been busy and in his escalation of the prank war with Vic, he has electrified Vic’s bed, using a combination of an obscene amount of batteries and a mage spell that allows the wielder to alter the conductivity of an object. Poor Vic, mourning the loss of his table and somewhat dreading the dinner he has set up with Aloha to discuss the whole Succubus thing, gets into bed and freezes as 10 amps of electricity begins coursing through his body. The rest of the house is woken by Eric’s yelling as he wakes to find his roommate burning and juddering. Everyone rushes with Willow knocking Vic off the bed and getting to work dealing with the five agg damage (the worst type of damage in nWoD) the GM just dealt Vic. Once he is relatively stable and receiving medical attention from Tabitha, Willow rounds on Geoff and after yelling at him, uses her high level of magic to remove his arms and voice. At this point, the Herald, Ella, Alisha and the Sentinel (mage society enforcer) appear to see what the hell was going on. After getting the story from Willow, the Herald gives them a final warning, threatening to only send the angry bald Sentinel next time and everyone disappears again, Ella taking Geoff with her to give him a stern talking to.

What will happen next time with tensions running so high? I can assure you, I don’t think it’s going to be pretty.



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