Our cast:

Willow- the amicable dog-sledder [Also now a mage]

Eric- the helpful mechanic

Geoff Jr- the slippery con artist

Mike- the hungry intellectual

Vic- the hot headed fighter

Tabitha- the timid medic


The session started with tensions running high. Most of the group was annoyed about the results of the Vic-Geoff prank war and so while Eric tried to fix the washing machine after Vic had accidentally put a plastic mattress protector in with his syrup-covered sheets, Vic went for a run. Now Vic is a healthy person and can usually do a five mile run in about forty-five minutes but that day, it took him nearly two hours as that general fatigue and weakness he had been feeling intensified. After staggering home and finding that eating did not alleviate his symptoms, he decided to head off and consult a doctor. Meanwhile, Eric and Geoff were going to explore a wildlife refuge a good drive north of Honolulu; Willow was taking a beach day and Mike was dragging Tabitha along in his quest to discover what was wrong with those high school football players from the day before.


So Vic went to see a doctor and, after a few tests, was told that nothing was wrong with him. This only made the slowly growing feeling of emptiness worse and so he went to find solace on the beach. Instead he found Willow and confided in her. Using her magic, Willow discovered that, while not ill, Vic’s life essence was incredibly muted, as if something had drained some of his essence away. A little reluctant back and forth ensued until Vic revealed that he had slept with Aloha, the surf instructor. Willow identified this as potentially being the mark of a succubus but chose not to say anything to Vic. Vic then spent the rest of the day feeling empty and moping around the house. He even built a table of sadness!


After her brief encounter with Vic, Willow had a very pleasant day with Lance. They spent most of it on the beach but retired to Willow’s home to get ready for an impromptu dinner date. After dealing with Eric (see the Eric and Geoff portion of this blog), she went off on her date, which went from dinner to dancing and was overall a thoroughly enjoyable night.

Tabitha and Mike

Mike took Tabitha to President William McKinley High School to investigate the strange events of the football match, which Mike was convinced was a result of ‘magical steroids’. After blagging their way into Saturday practice by speaking with the somewhat distracted head coach, Mike’s plan was shot down by the much more observant team physio. Mike spent the rest of the day planning his new, better plan. While Tabitha fussed over Eric and Vic, Mike diagnosed the two of them, concluding that Eric and Geoff may have encountered vampires and Vic may have encountered a succubus.

Eric and Geoff

So while hiking in the wildlife refuge, Eric and Geoff came across a dead deer with its throat missing. The bite looked somewhat human so the intrepid pair followed a blood trail to a strange tent like structure made of sturdy blackout curtain. After following its winding length, they came out into a circular antechamber, which led to three more corridors. Following one of them led to a bunkroom, where ten people were asleep in the pitch darkness. Eric led a hasty retreat and took them down another corridor of tent. Here they found a harvesting room and an armoury, where Geoff stole some knives and a chainsaw before they continued onwards down the corridor. This eventually led them to a room where a young man was sitting at a desk. While Eric wanted to escape, Geoff decided to sneak up behind the man and investigate what he was doing. A moment later, Geoff was struggling a few feet off the ground as the man moved with lightning speed and lifted him off the ground by his throat. Geoff was rendered unconscious as the young man body-slammed into the ground. Eric came out of his hiding place in the shadows and apologised, asking if they could leave so he could get Geoff to hospital. The man considered briefly before declining and lunging at Eric.

Eric woke a few hours later to find park ranger checking to see if he was still alive. He saw a sedated Geoff being loaded into the back of an ambulance and was told by the ranger he had just found them like this. Eric was taken home and just kind of curled up on the sofa to mindless watch TV. Meanwhile, Geoff would wake up in hospital hours later to find that he had no legs and that he was handcuffed to the bed. After a few futile escape attempts, he went back to sleep and found himself in a realm of darkness. He wandered aimlessly until he saw and pinprick of light and made for it, only to come out in his hospital room to find an older man in a suit standing at the end of his bed.

“Hello Geoffrey. We need to talk” were the last words of the session.



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