As always, our diverse cast:

Willow- the amicable dog-sledder [Also now a mage]

Eric- the helpful mechanic

Geoff Jr- the slippery con artist

Mike- the hungry intellectual

Vic- the hot headed fighter

Tabitha- the timid medic


Not a lot happened this session. The entire party, minus Geoff, went off to watch Lance’s charity football game against a local high school. The game was a slow affair for the first quarter until towards the end; a heavy tackle injured the high school quarterback. On his first play, the second-string quarterback threw a 67-yard pass, resulting in 76 yard touchdown and proceeded to punch the goalposts hard enough to cause it to wobble. From that moment onwards, the high school team began to truly dominate the game, storming to a 54-28 lead in the third quarter. However, with seven minutes left on the clock in the third quarter, one of the high school defence began to have a seizure and was rushed off the field. Unfortunately for Vic, that player happened to be his squeeze’s little brother and so Vic headed down to the tunnel and the locker rooms with Aloha and her parents.

Meanwhile at the beach, Geoff was looking for Star the Mermaid again. After some clunky and awkward conversation, he began to feel uneasy but before he could reach a bathroom, the laxative given to him by Vic a few hours earlier kicked in and Geoff decided the best way to deal with this was to get into the ocean and swim. He went for a good quarter mile before being apprehended by a pair of confused and disgusted lifeguards. They summoned the police and Geoff was taken to the police station.

Everyone eventually returned home- Vic had found Aloha’s brother in an ice bath running a high temperature with his coach screaming about taking too much of something, Etic had given a snarky interview to a local Fox affiliate outside the stadium and Geoff had been released with a warning and an inability to leave the state of Hawaii for 30 days. And thus began to the second part of the game- a ‘prank war’ between Geoff and Vic. Geoff kicked things off by coating Vic’s bedsheets in honey before going for a shower. Vic discovered this the sticky way and stole all of Geoff’s bedsheets after putting his soiled ones in the washing machine. He contemplated boarding up Geoff’s bedroom door but decided against it after remembering that Geoff shares a room. Geoff then tried to make Vic wet his bed by stealthily placing his had in a bowl of warm water but Vic’s bladder held out. When Vic woke up, he took the bowl of water and planned to dump it over Geoff while he slept. His happened and Geoff decided enough was enough and simply threw the bowl at Vic. Vic retaliated with a quick punch to the gut.

So once again, tensions were running high amongst the group and intrigue had set in- what was going on with that high school? Was Aloha’s brother okay? And why is Vic feeling so drained?



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