As always, here is a reminder of our colourful cast:

Willow- the amicable dog-sledder [Also now a mage]

Eric- the helpful mechanic

Geoff Jr- the slippery con artist

Mike- the hungry intellectual

Anna- the inventor [Edit: The player who portrays Anna hasn’t attended the last three sessions so we think she may have simply left the game.]

Vic- the hot headed fighter

Tabitha- the timid medic


So it was goodbye Vancouver and hello Hawaii, the session opened with the party’s first morning in Honolulu. After the steadily rising Hawaii heat made sleeping in for our Alaskan natives so they headed to the beach.

While Geoff and Mike risked drowning by trying to surf and Vic hired a surf instructor, Tabitha and Willow went on a whale watching tour. Geoff was slowly able to pick up the basics of surfing but Mike failed miserably, eventually giving up and going off to explore the city of Honolulu. Vic was having a much better time of it, quickly picking up the basics and making friends with his surf instructor, who eventually invited him to a beach party that was happening that night.

Meanwhile, Tabitha and Willow were enjoying whale watching when the two of them spotted a mermaid. Yes, a bona fide mermaid waving to them. After cautiously communicating with her, they agreed to meet her in the shallows later that day. Because you can definitely trust mermaids, right? After their whale watching tour, they head home and collect Willow’s trusty (slightly murderous) dogs and just spend some in the surf, where they are joined by Geoff. About half an hour later, their mermaid friend shows up and introduces herself as Star, or a series of horrifying dolphin sounds, after some less than stimulating conversation and Geoff saying nothing and merely ogling this woman, Star abruptly leaves as the sounds of college-age revelry drew closer.

And so a beach party was soon in full swing. All the clichés were there: Fires, kegs, wet t-shirt contests, frat boys. The whole shbang. As Vic became better acquainted with his surf instructor and Willow mingled, Geoff wanted to get in on the wet t-shirt action…by dumping a bucket of sea water over an unsuspecting Willow. Unfortunately, a combination of a failed roll and the poorest of word choices led to Geoff receiving a rather thorough beating from the football player in question, who promptly went off and hung out with Willow for the rest of the night.

The following morning, Tabitha (who had not gone to the party) cooked breakfast for more people than she thought were in the house. Willow had brought the football player home, his name is Lance, and Vic had brought home his surf instructor. There was a fair amount of awkwardness as four of the seven people around the table stared daggers at Geoff for his numerous misdeeds during the party. After breakfast, Lance offered to take the group to Diamond Head, a volcanic national park just south of Honolulu.

The day was pleasant, all six people who went on the trip climbed the mountain, Willow and Lance bonded while Vic and Geoff grew further apart. After a long day’s volcano appreciation and walking, the party was invited to a football game Lance was participating in. Geoff declined the offer and instead wanted to try and find the mermaid for the night before.

However, the session ended with the group preparing to head out to the game and Vic giving Geoff a drink spiked with laxative. Shenanigans are about to go down.




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