Welcome to the roundup of part four of my New World of Darkness game. Before we begin, here is a reminder of our cast:

Willow- the amicable dog-sledder

Eric- the helpful mechanic

Geoff Jr- the slippery con artist

Mike- the hungry intellectual

Anna- the inventor

Vic- the hot headed fighter

Tabitha- the timid medic


The players had a cliff-hanger to resolve but whether Tabitha and Eric would give the injured woman some morphine would have to wait as Willow, who last we saw was passed out in bed, wakes up in a forest. She gets up from her bed of moss and begins to look around, accompanied by her trusty dogs, which are slightly more imposing than they were in the real world.

Meanwhile, Mike and Vic, who were accompanying Brad the hunter into the forest to find whatever attacked the woman in the car park, are surprised to see a translucent visage of Willow ambling around the forest. Any means of getting her attention fail and eventually the two of them decide to get back on track…speaking of tracking, Vic decides to search for footprints (at this point, a roll is made and no successes are gained), and does discover some footprints. However, Brad quickly reveals that the footprints Vic has discovered are in fact their footprints. Things continue to go badly as Brad hears a noise and rushes after it, only to discover a logging crew creating a fire break in the forest. They return to their originally position, helpfully marked by Willow’s visage and Vic succeeds in finding a set of tracks and so they follow them.

While this is going on, Tabitha and Eric decide to administer morphine to the young woman. Unfortunately, while Tabitha succeeds in creating the perfect dose of morphine, the woman is simply not strong enough and dies in front of them. As they sit there in stunned silence, the ambulance arrives and takes her away. Oblivious to all of this, Willow finds a mossy standing stone in the forest. The stone is singing to her and seems reassuring so she touches it. First, a golden light spreads out across her body and then flowers begin to grow up from the ground, slowly encasing her in flowers. Once she is fully covered and the world goes black, Willow finds herself back in bed, refreshed and energetic.

After following the tracks, Vic and Mike stumble across an unusual sight- there is a man in a clearing, wailing at the moon. Except he isn’t all man and has a large lobster claw for a hand. A rather brusque interrogation, led by Vic, reveals that this man is the dead woman’s boyfriend and he attacked her after picking up a strange necklace in the car park, with the intention of handing it in to a ranger. Brad consults with his fellow hunters while Vic offers to amputate the man’s lobster claw. Eventually, Brad tells Vic and Mike that they can go as the hunters will deal with the man.

Following a somewhat subdued cab ride home, the party finds a flyer has been posted through their front door, advertising a student night at a local nightclub. The group, apart from Tabitha, decide they want to go. Willow invites Stuart, the attractive frat boy from next door and Vic leaves to hang out with the football players he had met at the frat party. They head out to the club and have a good time, until they recognise two of the patrons, Charlotte, the baby’s mother, and Romona, Charlotte’s best friend. Eric’s wave of friendly greeting is taken as an invitation for the duo to come over and because of this, it becomes very clear that Charlotte is on something. After some awkward skirting around the issue, Charlotte takes another pill and begins to get a little more ‘friendly’ with the party. At this point, Willow uses her new-found magic to cleanse Charlotte’s body of drugs and proceeds to find Stuart again, where she ends up taking MDMA and going home with Stuart. The rest of the party gets home throughout the night.

The following day, Willow goes on a date with Stuart at a nearby park. While enjoying a picnic, they hear cries for help and while going to investigate, they stumble across an unusual sight. A small, winged woman is flitting round while about ten naked people, painted like bees, buzz at her menacingly. After Willow grabs their attention, the bee-cult surrounds her and Stuart and begin bumping into them lightly. After an underwhelming police response, Willow calls the rest of the party and gets them to bring her dogs out to them. Nearly an hour later, the cavalry arrives as one of her dogs appears in the clearing. However, as the bees go to menace it, the once cute Alaskan malamute bites a nearby ‘cultist’ and simply vanishes. A few minutes later the dog reappears, covered in blood, body paint and intestines. After demanding to know what happened, Willow discovers that her dog has brutally murdered the man and buried his body in the magical forest Willow visited earlier. Willow begins to freak out with this freak out continuing for the rest of the session.

The following day, the party sits down to discuss what to do with the baby and decide to give it to Romona, Charlotte’s friend, and Emilia, the free-spirited member of Brad’s hunter cell. This way, Hope will grow up in a neutral environment with loving ‘parents’. After delivering Hope to her new home, a safe house owned by Romona, the players decide it is time to leave Vancouver and settle on Hawaii.

What adventures will the players find in Hawaii? Find out next time!



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