London is a big place. While many have visited, the English capital can certainly be overwhelming. Today, I would like to share some advice about what to see and how to get around if you are visiting the capital.

5 things to do in London

It is important to have a plan when you travel down to London. It is easy to wander aimlessly around the city or get bogged down travelling between places. Here are four things to see or do in London:

  1. The British Museum

A must for any history buff, the British Museum is a wonderful collection of artefacts from around the world. You could easily spend an entire day in the museum and it caters to a large variety of historical interests. It is also easily accessible and entry is free. The best day to visit is Friday as the museum is open for an extra three hours.

  1. The National Gallery

If art is more your style, spend your time in the National Gallery and adjoining National Portrait Gallery. Flanking on edge of the iconic Trafalgar Square, the gallery is easy to get to and also boasts free entry. The museum contains over 2300 pieces and will keep any art enthusiast entertained for hours. As in the case of the British museum, the gallery is best visited on a Friday due to extended visiting hours.

  1. RIB

This is your chance to experience London from the Thames. Pile onto this modified motorboat and take a speedy tour down the Thames, with your guide pointing out iconic locations. The real fun comes after passing into waters with no speed cap and having your captain really open up the throttle. Feel like James Bond in the god awful The World is not Enough and bounce along the waves. The RIB Experience launches from a small jetty about 2 minutes’ walk from Embankment tube station, making it easily accessible.

  1. Covent Garden

While not a fan myself, I can’t deny Covent Garden is a spectacle. The Garden is a covered shopping plaza with outdoor sections and a food court. It makes for a great reunion point if your London-going party has gone off to see different things and the street performers range from tolerable to really quite entertaining. It also works as a shelter if the weather turns during your trip.

London and travel

Travel is an important issue to consider when travelling to London so the second part of today’s blog will be travel tips when coming to the Capital

  1. Don’t rely solely on the tube

The London Underground is great but don’t make it your sole means of transportation during your visit. London is a wonderful city to simply walk around. A few years back, someone found that 129 journeys between adjacent Underground stations was quicker to walk then take the tube. A travel pass for the Underground is highly useful, especially if you’re not staying in the centre of the city. However, take the time to explore the city on foot.

  1. There is no point taking taxis

Reserve taxi use to emergencies only. If you are walking or using the underground, you will get wherever you are going cheaper and faster than using a taxi as London traffic is a nightmare.

  1. London is busy everywhere

Just remember that you are in one of the busiest cities in the country. The roads, train stations and pavements will be packed. Bear this in mind as you attempt to navigate the city.

So there’s your Ben-penned guide to London! What advice do you have anyone visiting the capital? Let me know!



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