So as we all settle in play Fallout 4, the eager players among us are probably looking to Fallout’s future. Which city and its surrounding area will become the next location for a Fallout game? Well, I have 4 suggestions. Some minor Fallout 4 mechanics and locations spoilers ahead but nothing game-ruining.

  1. Seattle

Pike Place

Look! The perfect place to hide a vault!
Look! The perfect place to hide a vault!

Space Needle

The Emerald City would make a wonderful Fallout location. Players could explore iconic landmarks such as the Space Needle and Boeing HQ/Museum and trade at a settlement that once was Pike Place Market. The area surrounding the city could range from dense forest (a la ‘Oasis’ from Fallout 3 maybe?) to the irradiated wastes of Mount St. Helens. Plus, as Seattle is a coastal city, what about an underwater vault in Puget Sound? We know from accidental excursions in Fallout 4 (thanks to Laura for this story) that power armour can survive being underwater for some period of time so how about a modified amphibious power armour? Mirelurks would be a prominent enemy in a Seattle set game, which would be interesting as they are a challenging enemy. Furthermore, Seattle would provide sports venues to explore, similar to Fenway Park/Diamond City in Fallout 4.

  1. Detroit/Ann Arbor

Ford HQ

Mariner's Church

The Big House

Let’s just get the jokes out of the way. Ahem, “Detroit would make a perfect setting for a Fallout game because it’s already a post-apocalyptic wasteland.” However, it would make the perfect place for a Fallout game. While Fallouts 3 and 4 have stuck with the large city with small settlements concept, Fallout: Detroit would give you at least two major cities to explore. You could explore the Detroit Institute of Art and the Mariner’s Church before strolling down I-96 W, maybe stopping off at the Dearborn Inn, Ford HQ, Ford Motor plant and Greenfield village and arriving in Ann Arbor. While in Ann Arbor, it would be a crime if the game did not include Michigan Stadium/the Big House which is the biggest stadium in the United States and the 2nd biggest sports stadium in the world. Plus, if you went north, you might be able to explore the ruins of Windsor, Canada, which sits across the river from Detroit. Fallout: Detroit would give a very large, urban map which would be an interesting break from the mix of urban and rural settings we have seen in Fallout 3 and Fallout 4.

  1. London
Ah, heavenly silence.
Ah, heavenly silence.

London Eye


Why don’t we take a break from America? Following in the example set by the rather refreshing Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, future Fallout could take place in London. Similar to my Detroit pitch, this would make for a very urban environment. However, with a city as large and diverse as London, I don’t think this would be a problem. You could explore everything from the Palace of Westminster to the London Eye to Buckingham Palace! This would also allow the devs to reincorporate the wonderful underground system from Fallout 3. You could travel along the Underground to your heart’s content, without having to worry about pesky tourists or commuters (warning: You may need to worry about ghouls and raiders).

  1. Chicago
Mmm, deep dish za with extra rads...
Mmm, deep dish za with extra rads…

Willis Tower

Chicago Cityscapes And City Views

Okay, straight off the bat (wait for it), a mission to Wrigley Field called ‘Take me out to the ball game’. Chicago would provide a Fallout 3-esque setting, which dense urban areas and slightly more rural areas as you travel out east. A new food type, something pizza related, could be added and you could explore the Willis Tower, Trump Hotel (you know, changed a little bit ever so slightly so he doesn’t kill us but still with a ghoul inside with a stupid wig), city hall etc. Chicago would make for a relatively interesting game, but it may come a little too much like a Fallout 3 wannabe.


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