So while I was in America over the summer, I rediscovered my love for the beef burger. In today’s world of fast food dominance, it is often hard to find to a great burger (unless you live in the universe of How I Met your Mother or are willing to spend $5000 in Las Vegas for the ‘World’s most expensive burger’). However, there are great burgers out there for a reasonable price and I would like to share four recommendations with you.

1. The Ann Arbor Brewing Co.

It’s Michigan, it snows a lot. I promise it won’t spoil your meal.

Located on the edge of Ann Arbor’s Downtown, the Ann Arbor Brewing Co. is primarily a brewery and ‘brewpub’ but it also has a dining area attached. Part of the dinner menu is titled ‘build-a-burger’ and allows you to construct a burger from scratch. You get to choose the patty, the veg/cheese atop said patty and the bun. It’s like an awesome edible character creator.

However, this isn’t just bravado, the burger is delicious and filling, especially if you get a modest side to complement whatever masterpiece or monstrosity you have created.

2. Handmade Burger Co.

One of three locations in Birmingham alone!
One of three locations in Birmingham alone!

This quaint British chain has outlets across the country. Here you can find a wide assortment of mouth-watering burgers and friendly service. Also, some of their locations are in rather strange locations, such as the Birmingham canal front. As their name suggests, you may have to wait a little bit for your meal as all their burgers are handmade and if you sit inside, you can see this process happening in the open plan kitchens many of their outlets boast. With a wide range of burgers across a variety of categories, there is really something for everybody at the Handmade Burger Co.

Ed: Jeez, could I have made that sound any more like an advert for the Handmade Burger Co.? If you’re reading this Handmade Burger Co., I will happily accept a payment of money or burgers.

3. Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Apparently this is their Birmingham location. This blog became 'four places to get burgers in Ann Arbor or Birmingham'. Sorry rest of the world, I'm sure your burgers are nice too.
Apparently this is their Birmingham location. This blog somehow became ‘four places to get burgers in Ann Arbor or Birmingham’. Sorry rest of the world, I’m sure your burgers are nice too.

Don’t let the name fool you; the gourmet burger kitchen is surprisingly affordable without skimping on quality. Not only do they also boast a wide range of burgers, they have an inventive take on sides and do these insane milkshakes. The burgers are fantastic, cooked to perfection and bursting with flavour but let me tell you about this milkshakes. They are huge and ice cold, coming in 11 flavours and providing a refreshing end to your meal (yeah, I recommend taking that milkshake as your dessert). I went to GBK for 18th birthday celebration after being told we wouldn’t get a table at TGI Friday’s for another hour and honestly? I think I would have enjoyed my time less at TGI.

4. Holiday’s 


Another burger from my trip to the Ann Arbor, Holiday’s is a lovely diner a few minutes from the Big House (the University of Michigan’s football stadium). It has a lovely family atmosphere and the service is absolutely phenomenal. Their menu offers everything from pot roasts to burgers (which I will get onto in a moment). Holiday’s offers a low-key non-intrusive dining experience that I thing the world sorely lacks in modern times. The burgers are the classics, with a few twisted classics in there for variety, and are cooked to order. They come out filling and satisfying. If you’re looking for a good food from a place with a good vibe (and you happen to be in Ann Arbor), Holiday’s should be on your list of considerations.


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