The release of the highly anticipated Fallout 4 is just a week away and as a big fan of the series, I have kept myself away from media titbits and big Bethesda reveals (with the exception of a few Outsidexbox videos from a couple months ago).With this in mind, today I would like to share the 7 things I want to see from Fallout, as well as the 2 things I don’t.

  1. Want to see- companion missions
This guys takes hours of convincing to sleep on a hill.
This guys takes hours of convincing to sleep on a hill.

A mechanism that was included in the last instalment of the series, Fallout: New Vegas, was the inclusion of optional missions available from your companions in the wasteland. These missions come as a result of interacting with your companions a certain number of times. They are completely optional and if you choose not to talk to your companions, then you will never encounter these quest lines. However, the missions gave your companions a layer of character depth and made them more than just another gun in the field. I would like to see this included and possibly expanded on in Fallout 4.

  1. Want to see- A more nuanced reputation system
Great philosophy. My give me all your stuff.
Great philosophy. My give me all your stuff.

One of my favourite games from last year was Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. The game contained a standout mechanic in which enemies remembered you and would often come seeking revenge. Similarly, slighting someone in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim may lead to them placing a bounty of you. I would like to see a more nuanced version of these systems in which your actions affect the world around. Something like this was included in New Vegas, where actions against different factions changed your standing with them but it only went so far. With the next gen technology around, I want to see a living world, where my actions against Joe Trader are not forgotten after a couple hours.

  1. Want to see- Salem DLC
Let's go here. Well, let's destroy it a little first adn then go there.
Let’s go here. Well, let’s destroy it a little first adn then go there.

The main game seems to be set in the heart of Boston. There is a shanty town in Fenway Park and there are shots of the Bunker Hill Memorial in the trailer. Salem is 22 miles from Boston and so may fall just outside of the map for the game. This makes it perfect for a DLC campaign similar to the Point Lookout DLC for Fallout 3. The occult is considered to be a thing in the Fallout universe and so a coven or an apocalypse survivor cult who think they are witches as well as a number of crazy additions to the main game would make for a perfect Fallout DLC.

  1. Want to see- Improved stealth
Ahhh, the myraid possibilities of a new stealth system.
Ahhh, the myraid possibilities of a new stealth system.

Bethesda doesn’t make stealth games. Okay, Bethesda made Dishonoured but apart from that, stealth is never great in Bethesda’s open world games. I want to be able to creep around, dishing out stealth murder or simply just avoiding combat without just having to run away or take a lengthy detour (which usually takes me into more combat). I have come to appreciate stealth in my gaming and so having the opportunity to stealth in Fallout would be awesome.

  1. Don’t want to see- Over reliance on FPS elements

One mechanic that Bethesda has revealed is the ‘hold breath’ option when scoping. This steadies your shot for a few moments, allowing you to make that perfect headshot. However, Fallout is an RPG at heart and I don’t want to see the game become over reliant on FPS elements to compete with the current market. What made the previous games so good were their integration of FPS elements into a post-apocalypse RPG and so Bethesda should maintain this formula in the upcoming release.

  1. Don’t want to see- the crafting system be mandatory

A new inclusion, based on a number of mods for the previous games, is the ability to construct new settlements across the wasteland using salvaged materials. However, this doesn’t appeal to me. If I wanted to play Minecraft, I’d play Minecraft. It is because of this that I don’t have to help my fellow survivors by building them homes.

What are you hoping Fallout 4 includes? What are you hoping they have not included? However, all we can do is speculate till next week.


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