Comic books are one of my favourite mediums of literature. They are so diverse, meaning that there is probably a comic that will suit your specific tastes and preferences. Today, I’m sharing 5 comic books that you should check out if they sound like something you would enjoy.

  1. The Umbrella Academy (Gerard Way)


You may know Gerard Way as the lead singer of My Chemical Romance. He also writes comic books. The Umbrella Academy is a two arc comic book line in which 43 children where inexplicably born with superpowers to random women with no prior signs of pregnancy. An eccentric entrepreneur adopts seven of the children and trains them to use their powers to protect the world. With a dark art style that perfectly complements the dark tone of the comic itself. The characters are diverse and detailed and the plots are engaging. Oh, and there is a monkey butler to sweeten the deal. While fans have waited years for a third instalment, it was announced earlier this year that a TV adaptation is in the works from Universal.

  1. Hush (Jeph Loeb)


This early 2000s Batman storyline is one of my all-time favourites. Batman is stalked by a mysterious bandaged man who seems to be pulling the strings on many of the Rogues Gallery. A tense, investigation driven plot that sees Batman pushed towards his limits with every twist and turn, Hush is a great story for any Batman fan. While some plot elements were retconned, most of the continuity holds up and the story also begins to explore a possible Batman-Catwoman romance.

  1. (The True Lives of the Fabulous) Killjoys (Gerard Way & Shaun Simon)


My Chemical Romance’s 2010 album, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, follows the lives of the four ‘Killjoys’, a group of rebels fighting against a tyrannical corporation in a dystopian 2019 Californian. In the accompanying music videos, they are seen to be protecting a young girl whom they believe to be the saviour of the world. Killjoys is set a few years after the album (in which the original Killjoys are killed during the song SING) follows the young girl the Killjoys had been protecting. With a beautiful art style and straight-forward plot, Killjoys serves a wonderful sequel to the album and works as a standalone piece.

  1. Night and Day (Karl Kessel)

Night and Day

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, Harley Quinn is my favourite comic book character. In this kooky adventure, Harley decides to become the ‘Cupid of Crime’ and go around Gotham as a love doctor. It goes wrong in typical Harley fashion and she must work doubly hard to fix it and, you know, actually survive. With the emergence of the new, anti-hero style Harley, it is a great place to fall in love with the character and, while maintaining that DC style, is not as dark and gritty as some of the other work you may read from the company. For dark and gritty Harley Quinn action, I’d recommend the Gotham City Sirens series.

  1. Alias (Brian Michael Bendis)

Alias 2

Alias was the first Marvel comic to given a parental advisory warning. The series follows Jessica Jones; a former superhero turned private investigator. A very dark and gritty series, you are slowly sucked into Jessica’s world of depression and identity crisis as she meets a few Marvel favourites along the way. Cleverly drawn (with one art style used for Jessica’s superhero days and one for the present day), Alias is a no-holds barred comic about a woman simply trying to survive in this world. Netflix have also released an adaptation of the comic, called Marvel’s Jessica Jones, if you don’t have the time for 28 issues of comics. However, I will also issue a warning for this series due to its mature and potentially triggering content.


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