It is increasingly common for the developers of a video game to release additional material in the form of DLC (Downloadable Content). This can be additional maps, costumes, voice packs or, my personal favourite and the subject of this blog, new missions or gameplay. So please enjoy this list of my 5 favourite DLC.

  1. Last Survivor and Crew Expendable (Alien: Isolation)
That 80s
That hair…so 80s

Alien: Isolation is an enjoyable game. However, the experience is enhanced as the Crew Expendable DLC allows you to take control of Parker, Dallas or Ellen Ripley and attempt to flush the newly matured Xenomorph out of the Nostromo’s air ducts and towards the airlock. Each character comes with a different loadout and a slightly different gameplay style, giving the DLC some replay ability. Last Survivor jumps ahead a little further in the sequence of the events of Alien and has you play as Ellen Ripley as she attempts to destroy the Nostromo and escape in one of the shuttles. For fans of the original movie, this is a wonderful dose of nostalgia combined with the beautiful graphics of the game.

  1. Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep (Borderlands 2) SPOILERS


Set after Roland’s death at the hands of Handsome Jack, this DLC has the high-pitched explosives expert Tiny Tina running a game of ‘Bunkers and Badasses’, the game’s version/parody of Dungeons & Dragons. You will travel through a very cliché fantasy setting as you attempt to rescue a queen, fighting spiders, skeletons and dragons in a reminiscent style as reskinned characters from the main game populate the world. While this is just as insane as the main game, it does have some depth to it as the scenario serves as Tina’s way of coming to terms with Roland’s death.

  1. Dragonborn (Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)
Soon...soon their edibles will be mine!
Soon…soon their edibles will be mine!

In this DLC for Bethesda’s sword and sorcery RPG, you travel to Solstheim, an island first seen in a DLC for Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. You travel here to find the sources of the cultists that keep trying to kill you and, in true Skyrim fashion, don’t do that for several hours as you become bogged down in side-quests, monster killing, new ingredient collecting and cheese hoarding (is the last one still just me?). Not only is this a nice nostalgia trip for fans of Morrowind, Dragonborn provides the player with beneficial powers, armour and weapons if the time is invested.

  1. Point Lookout (Fallout 3)
-Insert insult about Maryland here-
-Insert insult about Maryland here-

In this addition to one of my all-time favourite RPGs, you leave the irradiated wastes of Washington DC and instead get the chance to explore the irradiated coastal town of Point Lookout, Maryland and the surrounding area. This rather chilling DLC mixes political intrigue and occult themes perfectly with a variety of quest lines and has you face off against deformed ‘Hillbillies’ as well as the usual host of radioactive enemies. With a chilling atmosphere, Point Lookout is a wonderful addition to the Fallout lore.

  1. Road to Gehenna (The Talos Principle)
Gotta love that Roman architecture
Gotta love that Roman architecture

While playing through the absolutely gorgeous Talos Principle, do you ever wonder what happened to those that the mysterious Elohim cast out? Well in the Road to Gehenna, you play as Uriel and are sent out to bring back Elohim’s flock. Discover their fate through online forums and challenge yourself through the much harder levels. While Road to Gehenna is a lot harder than the main game, it feels a lot more rewarding for the player. Furthermore, the game’s somewhat unsettling atmosphere remains, despite the apparent presence of more NPC voices.

And the DLC I’d like to see…

Something based in/around Salem (Fallout 4)

One thing that the Fallout series does very well is the cults and survivor groups that inhabit the various cities and areas you explore. Whether that is the Family in Fallout 3, a group of metro station dwelling survivors who believe they are vampires, the White Glove Society in Fallout New Vegas, who turn out to be casino running cannibals or the many many more. What we know about the upcoming Fallout 4 is that it will be set in Boston. Following in the proud tradition of cults and crazy survivors as well as the well done DLC that centred on these, such as Point Lookout and the Pitt for Fallout 3, I would like to see a Salem based DLC for Fallout 4. Now, I know witches might be a stretch but we have seen psychotropic drugs used in the series before and I think the atmosphere created would match the game perfectly, but hey, that’s just me.


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